A sacred place for athletes.
The new J-Village has been open
to the public as a symbol of
Fukushima’s revival.

Covering a 49-hectare area ten times the size of the Tokyo Dome, the J-Village facility is comprised of: eight natural grass pitches, including a spectator stadium; two artificial turf pitches; all-weather soccer training grounds; rainy-weather training grounds; a hotel containing two hundred guest rooms; a fitness gym; an arena; and a pool.

Natural Grass Pitches

J-Village has seven 68m × 105m natural grass pitches, two of which are equipped with floodlights. The pitches utilize grass for both summer-use (Tifton grass) and winter-use (ryegrass). Tifton recovers quickly from tread pressure and wear, while ryegrass is resistant to cold conditions. All players, from beginners to world-class players, are able to train in the same environment.

Artificial Turf Pitches

Established jointly with a 1600-m track and outfitted with floodlights, this field is suitable for a number of activities, ranging from track and field to physical training, soccer, rugby, and American football.

All-Weather Training Area

This area includes a 68m × 105m pitch, accompanied by 274 spectator seats. Covered by a membrane roof that is 22m high at its center and 8m high on the sidelines, training can be done without the interference of rain, snow, or wind. In addition to soccer, the All-Weather Training Area can be used for training in other sports, such as rugby.


Surrounded by nature, and with night lighting and a seating capacity of 5000, this stadium can be used at all hours of the day, not only for official games, but also for national team training.

Training Gym

This gym utilizes the latest equipment from Technogym, a luxury Italian fitness machine designer, who also supplies the Olympic Village. Also available is a full equipment line including free weights, power racks, benches, and dumbbells to support physical training.


Well-lit and open studios will hold lessons in yoga, Pilates, and aerobics.


This spacious arena can be used for a wide range of sports, such as basketball, volleyball, and table tennis.


The J-Village pool is beautifully lit by the sun shining through the skylight during the daytime, and by underwater lights at night.


This large bathhouse, located on the first floor of the Fitness House, provides post-training relaxation.


A new oasis for the tired businessperson, the Annex provides relaxation at a reasonable price. Guests using the Annex can use the “outlook bath” located on the 8th floor.

South Wing

The South Wing provides a private resort room with a city resort feel. Enjoy the resort life with a 60m² suite and a bedroom with a refreshing view of the pitch.

North Wing

Rest and recover with your teammates in the relaxing North Wing. This area is ideal for sports camps and corporate training, as well as the use of various organizations. All North Wing beds are manufactured by Simmons.

A new space full of imagination, this area can be used for corporate training, team meetings, international symposiums, and a wide range of other uses. This includes a stylish banquet hall of about 300m², as well as a 166-seat lecture-style convention hall including a light control room, projector, and screen. Additional facilities include team salons, training rooms, and reception halls.

Alpine Rose is located in a large, open space overlooking a natural grass pitch. Lunchtime includes three Western courses and six different Japanese menus. Dinnertime is by reservation-only, and offers two types of courses: Western and Japanese.

A spacious, natural space with a gorgeous surface that shines in with gentle light. We offer a wide variety of Japanese, Western and Chinese menus, breakfast and dinner in a buffet style, and lunch in cafeteria also in buffet style.

Originating in Thailand, J-Village’s Cafe Amazon is the third in Japan, and provides a relaxing space with a view of the spacious green pitch. Cafe Amazon offers a variety of rich and flavorful Thai coffee and Thai cuisine, as well as smoothies and desserts perfect for children. We look forward to serving you!